Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2o2o Vision Board

I decided to take a different approach this year with my vision board. In previous years, each block had a certain representation of what I wanted to address that year. Last year was titled “Human Defined” and though I didn’t display that via my blog, I did accomplish quite a bit in my personal life. I feel that the foundations of mental peace have been established and now it’s time to grow from it.

This year will be focused on my novel Monsters and my writing. I’ve accomplished the goal of completing graduate school and now it’s time to put my degree to use! Many aspects of my 2020 vision board are associated with my current story with a few representing a future story I plan to write.

Themes for the new year are:
  • light/darkness
  • love/forgiveness
  • conquering monsters
  • making my dreams come true

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