Tuesday, October 1, 2019

101 Things In 1095 Days

The idea of this entry originated from 101 Things In 1001 Days. However, I need things to be complete and since I consider three to be one of my lucky numbers, I want to make my list last three years.

Start date: October 1st, 2019
Completion date: September 30th, 2022


 o1. Post in damaen.net at least once a month
 o2. Complete a Halloween series
 o3. Post in my Ameba (Japanese) blog at least once a month
 o4. Create Horror Reading Challenge(s)
 o5. Create an online portfolio


 o6. Create a budget
 o7. Maintain a budget
 o8. Pay off immediate debt
 o9. Less restaurant food purchases
 1o. Create a decent-sized emergency fund
 11. Save $50 for every 101 goal completed

» HOME (16)

 12. Declutter/Organize living room
 13. Declutter/Organize one bedroom
 14. Declutter/Organize second bedroom
 15. Declutter/Organize third bedroom
 16. Declutter/Organize fourth bedroom
 17. Declutter/Organize dining room
 18. Declutter/Organize kitchen
 19. Declutter/Organize washroom
 2o. Complete foundation
 21. Organize one closet
 22. Organize second closet
 23. Have a garage sale
 24. Establish a writing room
 25. Display my European postcards
 26. Go through all the mail in the house
 27. Plant trees!


 28. Throw a Halloween party (completed - 10/05/19)
 29. Complete a ghost investigation
 3o. Get another tattoo to represent my father/oldest nephew
 31. See Muse perform
 32. Attend 3 anime conventions (can be the same one)
 33. Eat at the Melting Pot (San Antonio)
 34. Attend a ball dressed up
 35. Host at least 3 dinner parties
 36. See at least 5 concerts (not including Muse)
 37. Mail out Halloween cards (at least 2 years)
 38. Mail out Christmas cards (at least 2 years)
 39. Watch Carnival Row (season 1)
 4o. Watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (season 1)
 41. Attend a festival dressed up
 42. Watch 5 documentaries
 43. Post regularly on Instagram
 44. Spend the night in a haunted place


 45. Study Japanese at least 15 mins/3 to 5 days a week
 46. Find a Japanese-speaking partner
 47. Take JLPT N5
 48. Listen to more Japanese shows/anime
 49. Read 3 books in Japanese
 5o. Obtain an associate's degree or a certificate


 51. Become physically fit
 52. Improve my balance
 53. Weigh 200 lbs.
 54. Weigh 190 lbs.
 55. Weigh 180 lbs.
 56. Weigh 170 lbs.
 57. Weigh 160 lbs.
 58. Weigh 150 lbs.
 59. Weigh 140 lbs.
 6o. Weigh 130 lbs.
 61. Eat more veggies
 62. Determine my personal style
 63. Get braces
 64. Complete a marathon
 65. Cook more homemade meals
 66. Journal regularly
 67. Complete book about my Mom
 68. Be confident on my roller skates
 69. Take an aerial yoga class
 7o. Read 70 books
 71. Read nightly
 72. Fix a broken relationship
 73. Stretch regularly
 74. Update my Passion Planner weekly
 75. Try something new that intimidates me (maybe zip-lining)
 76. Become vegan
 77. Develop nightly facial routine
 78. Clean and organize personal email
 79. Learn to braid my own hair
 8o. Try acupuncture


 81. Finish graduate school
 82. Write a novel
 83. Find an agent
 84. Publish a novel
 85. Write second novel
 86. Write at least one hour/4 to 7 days a week
 87. Do some freelance writing
 88. Develop a mobile app
 89. Alamo Share (SharePoint) 2019 upgrade
 9o. Get real head shots done
 91. Begin teaching at college level
 92. Clean and organize work email

» TRAVEL (9)

 93. Renew passport
 94. Plan vacation with Mom
 95. Plan vacation with Kaykins
 96. Travel to a new country
 97. See the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C.
 98. Visit a new city in Texas once a year
 99. Visit Houston friends once a year
 1oo. Visit Corpus Christi friends once a year
 1o1. Travel to Japan

What are some goals or things you plan on getting done in the next three years?

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  1. Ah it's so cool you're doing the 101 in 1001 days... Wait. 1095 days? Is that 3 years? I remember I did it when I was still on Livejournal, lol. But I remember that halfway through, things had changed in my life so much that I didn't want to do a number of them anymore. But there's always room for change, right? :) And I actually thought you weren't doing anything with Japanese anymore. Sometimes I'm sad I let that go (I remember some of it but not as much as I did when I was still following classes), but then again I don't know when I'll be visiting again. Also, looking forward to that vacay 8D


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