Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mid(-ish)-Year Review of Vision Board

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Returning to my 2019 Vision Board, I noticed that there is not much I have done. Well, that's not accurate. There are aspects that I'm working on already and but there is still plenty of time to be successful with my goals for this year. I still have about three months!

o1. Homemade Meals
Well, I have good intentions, but this still needs a lot of work.

o2. Peace of Heart
As stated in my original entry, this is more about being content and fulfilled with my own life experiences (which there are many!) and being happy for others' and their own. With the Halloween and fall seasons approaching, I am feeling better within myself.

o3. Reading
I still have an irrational fear of reading, but I'm working on it. Especially after putting together my 101 things in 1095 days (I'll post that entry on October 1st) I feel excited about the leisure reading I plan on doing.

o4. Peace of Mind
My mind still overthinks, but I think it's managed by keeping myself busy with various projects: mainly work and school and home.

o5. damaen

o6. Being Active
Throughout the year, I've been active off and on. At the beginning of the summer, I was into swimming and now I'm working with a student personal trainer at my job. I've been following accounts on Instagram and tumblr that are inspiring to me. So I feel this one is underway.

o7. Morning Rituals
Sleep is my friend and I've yet to create a morning routine. I need to figure something out and work on that. Needs improvement.

o8. 2019

o9. Journaling
I journal off and on. Recently, I purchased a notebook with black paper and it's been making me write more.

1o. Determine Blog Content
Most of the year has gone by, but after creating my 101 things in 1095 days, I think I have an idea of what I want my blog to be about. I'm interested in the occult and paranormal horror (which terrifies me) and personal development. I'm in the midst of creating a Horror Reading Challenge for 2020 and am hoping people will participate with me. I have a few other ideas that revolve around Halloween so I'm trying to work on getting them organized.

11. Become Healthier
Battle, battle, battle. I am still battling with myself. Bad habits die hard, but I am working on it.

12. Creative Writing
I started the year off right with a writing challenge, but then I had my first thesis class, which made me realize that I didn't have a story. Since then, especially lately, I've come up with several ideas for my story and am ready (for the most part) for my final thesis class! I'm excited with where my story is headed and I look forward to my characters and my fantasy world to continue speaking to me.

Since we all know I'm obsessed with, check out my top three artists for each month this year!

o1. In This Moment (189 scrobbles)
o2. Garbage (86 scrobbles)
o3. ONE OK ROCK (66 scrobbles)

o1. ONE OK ROCK (414 scrobbles)
o2. Terror Jr (338 scrobbles)
o3. In This Moment (106 scrobbles)

o1. Garbage (326 scrobbles)
o2. The Neighbourhood (238 scrobbles)
o3. Ramones (99 scrobbles)

o1. Garbage (135 scrobbles)
o2. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (57 scrobbles)
o3. ONE OK ROCK (55 scrobbles)

o1. Garbage (77 scrobbles)
o2. Blue October (49 scrobbles)
o3. Lana Del Rey (48 scrobbles)

o1. Static-X (48 scrobbles)
o2. Garbage (44 scrobbles)
o3. ONE OK ROCK (36 scrobbles)

o1. Muse (807 scrobbles)
o2. Gary Numan (49 scrobbles)
o3. Miyavi (25 scrobbles)

o1. Muse (1,898 scrobbles)
o2. Garbage (83 scrobbles)
o3. Paul Shapera (58 scrobbles)

Here's to another excellent rest of the year!

How's your year going?

Little Monster Damaen

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  1. It's so much fun you're still using :D Apparently my connection to it was lost somewhere in 2017. But it's probably better seeing as my bf and I share Spotify so the scrobbles would get all messed up!


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