Friday, April 20, 2018

Catch Up and Small Goals

damaen revived
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Hello my damaenites,

Since I feel that life has become boring, I decided to make much needed drastic changes. The changes will be spread through multiple aspects of my life, which includes health, becoming more active, education, work, writing, and reading through (Small) Goals, which was an idea created by Feel Good, Dress Better.


I've allowed my weight to get the best of me and now I need to get it under control. I'm unable to do some things that used to be easy such as simple things like walking without my back hurting or shins and calf pain. So starting next week, I will begin a low-carb diet, which I've been successful with in the past.

Becoming More Active (Social Butterfly)

This category has nothing to do with exercise and everything with getting out of my house and doing something. When I revive my Small Goals category, I will include various activities. My life is controlled by the amount of homework I have, but that also has a lot to do with time management than anything else.


This is absolutely ridiculous, but I'm paranoid about people copying me so I would rather complete my degree in peace. However, I plan on working on my issue and as I do so I may begin writing about my program and the things that I've developed.


I am a writer at heart, but I lack practice and am filled with laziness. This needs to change, but part of writing also includes more reading. I already read a lot for school, but I need to add more leisure reading to keep me sane.

April and May Goals

o1. Health: Take it one day at a time, but plan meals at least one day in advance.
o2. Social Butterfly: Visit two to three random places in town.
I know this is very basic, but it leaves all doors open for me to find somewhere new or interesting.
o3. Read: Finish listening to current audiobooks.
Yes, audiobooks count.
o4. Education: Create a homework plan during my week off next week. Be realistic.
o5. Education: Follow said homework plan.

Little Monster Damaen

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  1. Ha! It seems I can comment now ;) Good! So, as I commented 2 times before (lol), I'm looking forward to see your June update, and do July too, while you're at it ;)

    I'm wondering how/where you listen to an ebook? I'm intrigued about the idea, but I almost always prefer reading to listening/viewing. But maybe it'll solve a problem I didn't know I had, haha!


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