Who is damaen?


Buenos Dias!  Welcome to my blog damaen.  Currently, I live in San Antonio, Texas where the winters are weak and the summers are intense.

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, I moved back to my hometown and have been working in higher education as a web developer.  In my current position, I am the manager of the Application Development team where we support and maintain vendor and homegrown applications.

I love occult and paranormal horror, fairy tales, recycling, and rescuing animals.

What is damaen About?

My life mainly consists of projects and adventures, large and small, for my life, surroundings, and self-growth. This blog will contain the accumulation of that. I'm still unsure what the theme of this blog will be, but these are potential themes and categories I plan to write about:

occult and paranormal horror | personal development | personal music stats

My Personal 5 to 10 Year Goals

  • Conquer my anxiety.
  • Get out of minor debt.
  • Build a healthy and comfortable lifestyle and environment for myself.
  • Run a full marathon in Seattle, Washington in memory of my father.

Random Facts

  • I enjoy the thrill of being scared by horror-related things such as paranormal entities (movies, books, and such).
  • I am a closet romantic...love romance novels ♥
    Guilty pleasure movies: Weather Girl, Dorfman in Love, and Two Night Stand.
  • My dream interior design for my home would be a combination of a haunted forest (living areas) and urban fantasy "caves" (bedrooms).

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