Thursday, January 30, 2020

End of Year Review 2019

The end of a decade has finally reached us. It is time to think ahead and imagine what the next 10 years will have. Personally, I am glad to say goodbye to the last 10 years. I feel positive and excited about the coming decade in all aspects of my life. From physical and mental health to implementing the starting point of making my dreams a reality!

First things first, let's review my 2019 vision board.

On paper, I was about 50% successful this year in accomplishing my goals. The ones I accomplished are:

- Peace of Heart
- Reading
- Being Active
- Determine Blog Content
- Creative Writing

I'm not too disappointed by not completing my whole list, but I did put in some effort. I'd still like to work on them so I'll be including these when making decisions for the new year.

- Homemade Meals
- Peace of Mind
- Morning Rituals
- Journaling
- Become Healthier

» Favorite Music of 2019

As we all know about my obsession with my music stats on my account, here are my numbers for 2019! Clearly, this year I reconnected with Muse this year. Also, new to this year's music stats, I'm adding top albums. So much music data makes my soul sing!

  1. Muse: 4,223 scrobbles
  2. Garbage: 1096 scrobbles
  3. ONE OK ROCK: 875 scrobbles
  4. The Unlikely Candidates: 872 scrobbles
  5. In This Moment: 549 scrobbles
  6. Terror Jr: 512 scrobbles
  7. The Smashing Pumpkins: 390 scrobbles
  8. The Neighbourhood: 346 scrobbles
  9. Twenty One Pilots: 324 scrobbles
  10. Blue October: 234 scrobbles
  1. Simulation Theory (Super Deluxe) by Muse: 809 scrobbles
  2. The 2nd Law by Muse: 805 scrobbles
  3. Unfortunately, Terror Jr by Terror Jr: 510 scrobbles
  4. The Resistance by Muse: 478 scrobbles
  5. Origin of Symmetry by Muse: 397 scrobbles
  6. Showbiz by Muse: 352 scrobbles
  7. Eye of the Storm by ONE OK ROCK: 341 scrobbles
  8. Hard to Imagine the Neighbourhood Ever Changing by The Neighbourhood: 338 scrobbles
  9. Drones by Muse: 292 scrobbles
  10. Absolution by Muse: 289 scrobbles
  1. The Neighbourhood - Scary Love: 339 scrobbles
  2. Muse - Undisclosed Desires: 217 scrobbles
  3. Muse - Time Is Running Out: 187 scrobbles
  4. Lana Del Rey - Gods & Monsters: 168 scrobbles
  5. Muse - Pressure: 165 scrobbles
  6. Muse - Panic Station: 149 scrobbles
  7. Muse - Thought Contagion: 149 scrobbles
  8. Muse - Uprising: 149 scrobbles
  9. Muse - Follow Me: 145 scrobbles
  10. Muse - Feeling Good: 135 scrobbles

Currently listening to: "Dead and Gone" by Stabbing Westward

Little Monster Damaen

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2o2o Vision Board

I decided to take a different approach this year with my vision board. In previous years, each block had a certain representation of what I wanted to address that year. Last year was titled “Human Defined” and though I didn’t display that via my blog, I did accomplish quite a bit in my personal life. I feel that the foundations of mental peace have been established and now it’s time to grow from it.

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