Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Halloween Bucket List 2019

Hello my beloved damaenites,

The Halloween Season has begun! Though it may seem a bit early, it's never too soon to get started on the festivities. Ghouls and creepies, come and join me as I celebrate the season with some tricks and treats. Last year was not as successful, but this year, the feeling of Halloween and fall are in my soul and I can feel them expanding my desire for change and magic. It's time to bring Halloween to me.

This year will be a little different. I will be celebrating Halloween from the months of September through November. There are just too many things I want to get done during this celebration that I'm going to need more time!

Let us begin.

o1. Watch the full Conjuring-verse
The Conjuring-verse is my favorite series and I plan on watching the associated movies in story chronological order: The NunAnnabelle: CreationAnnabelleThe Conjuring, Annabelle Comes Home, and The Conjuring 2. Technically, Annabelle Comes Home falls somewhere in between the first two Conjuring movies, but I'll watch it after the first one.

o2. Watch the full Insidious-verse
This is the same idea as the Conjuring-verse, but this time it'll be Insidious-verse. I'll begin with Insidious: Chapter 3, followed by Insidious: The Last Key, Insidious, and finally Insidious: Chapter 2.

o3. Watch the commentary for The Exorcist
Last year, I bought the DVD (yes, I still collect DVDs!) for The Exorcist and it includes commentary with Director William Friedkin. One of my favorite special features included with movies is commentary. I just love learning what the director or actors have to say about movies that I've dissected and have developed my own theories and backstories and reasonings. Great times!

o4. Throw a Halloween Party
What started off as a small idea has slowly turned into an actually-happening festive evening. I've already found and am ready to mail out my invitations, collected various decorations, and established what appetizer I'll make along with what adult beverage I'll make. This should be fun and yummy! I'm still working out games and music, but that will slowly come together. I plan on writing a separate blog post about the party and everything involved.

o5. Send Halloween cards
Target always has such lovely Halloween cards that need to be sent to my fiendish pals and distant family.

o6. Read at least 6 Halloween-esque books/stories
Most of the books that I intend to read are either children's literature or short stories so this one should be nice and easy. I already have several books in mind!

o7. Attend two to four Halloween-esque events
I found several events on Facebook that I'm going to try to attend. Plus, I already attended the Paranormal Fest, which I need to write about (maybe).

The list is short but accomplishable. Let's hope I off-road and do some extra activities such as make pumpkin bread! I'm excited to get started!

What are your plans for this Halloween?

Little Monster Damaen

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