Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Halloween Bucket List 2018

Welcome to October! It is that time of year when all the ghouls come out to play and all the creepies join with their tricks. This year for the Halloween season I decided to make a short bucket list of some activities that I want to accomplish in order to conjure the Halloween spirit into my soul. With my current literature course and full-time job taking up most of my time, I want to at least do a few things this Halloween season.

Let us begin.

o1. Watch the full Conjuring-verse
Yes, I'm referring to The Nun, Annabelle Creation, Annabelle, The Conjuring, and The Conjuring 2 in story chronological order.

o2. Watch the full Insidious-verse
Just as the first this is the same idea except I'll begin with Insidious: Chapter 3, followed by Insidious: The Last Key, Insidious, and finally Insidious: Chapter 2.

o3. Watch the commentary for The Exorcist
I recently purchased the DVD (yes, I still collect DVDs!) for The Exorcist and it includes commentary with Director William Friedkin. One of my favorite special features included with movies is commentary. I just love learning what the director or actors have to say about movies that I've dissected and taken apart and have developed my own theories and backstories and reasonings. Great times!

o4. Visit a haunted house - 13th Floor
Most Halloween seasons I attend a haunted house with my cousins, but this and last year didn't plan well so I won't be joining them. However, I'm going to find other folks who want to join in on the fun!

o5. Send Halloween cards
Target always has such lovely Halloween cards that need to be sent to my fiendish pals and distant family.

o6. Read at least 6 Halloween-esque books/stories
Most of the books that I intend to read are either children's literature or short stories so this one should be nice and easy. I already have several books in mind!

The list is short but accomplishable. Let's hope I off-road and do some extra activities such as make pumpkin bread! I'm excited to get started!

Little Monster Damaen

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  1. Lol the list may be short but there's so many movies on it!!! I pee my pants when watching horror movies so I hope you enjoy 'em :D


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